Traditional Cut Stone’s Award Winning Work

Traditional Cut Stone’s projects have won numerous awards for excellence in craftsmanship and construction, and for helping the architect realize their vision.

We can’t guarantee that every project we work on will win an architectural award, but we do guarantee that it will be worthy of recognition. Our knowledge and artistry takes classical architecture to an award-winning level.



Award: Addison Mizner Medal
(Commercial Architecture)

Awarded by: Institute for Classical Architecture honouring the achievements and contributions of those preserving and advancing the classical tradition
Awarded to: Smith Architectural Group
Project: Graff Diamonds, Palm Beach

Award: CAHP Award

Awarded by: Canadian Association for Heritage Professionals for excellence in craftsmanship and construction by a contractor or conservator
Awarded to: Taylor Hazell Architects
Project: RC Harris Water Filtration Plant



Award: Florida Preservation Award

Awarded by: Florida Trust for Historical Preservation for recognition of outstanding achievement in the field of master craftsmanship.
Awarded to: Traditional Cut Stone
Project: Palm Beach County Courthouse



Award: Tucker Design Award

Awarded by: Building Stone Institute honouring those who have achieved excellence in design through the incorporation and use of natural stone in their building or landscape design project
Awarded to: Traditional Cut Stone
Project: Tweed County Courthouse

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